Graphics Applications

A 3D Ray Tracing rendering program for Windows which I wrote back in 1999. RayTrace3DS can import 3D Studio scenes and render them interactively using OpenGL. The output can be saved in various image formats like Jpeg and Tif. You may also add texture and bump maps to the materials. Full source code for this app is available for download.
PaintPlant is a paint application which I developed for the Macintosh. It allows the artist to draw with bezier curves and animated brushes similar to those in Corel Painter.

TA Studio is a company which specializes in architectural rendering. Here are more of our Architectural Renderings. The website for this business was designed using CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and Flash. I am currently the Technical Director in this company.
Website for a great abstract artist who wanted to showcase his work. This website uses Flash and has a PHP based gallery system.
A children's entertainment and party supplies website. It will feature a shopping cart and various payment options as well as eye catching graphics.

Photographs (with Zoomify technology)


Business card design for TA Studio.
Pamphlet design for TA Studio.
Post card advertisement for TA Studio.
Product sheet for a personal project .
Business card design for
Flyer featuring the art of Leo Leon for a show on Penn's Landing.
Flyer for


Cover for a Sade CD compilation.
Entry in the Holocaust creative art contest.
Male figure study.
Female figure study.
Sculpture of a myself during the year 1996..
Sculpture of a hand from the 3D design class.
Pastel still life.
Package design which was entered in the Corel's annual digital art contest in 1997.