My own solution to the screen visibility problem on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance portable entertainment system. Using the MiracleRay a gamer can experience very bright RGB quality picture on a Sony 5" LCD monitor that is 1.5X the size of the original GBA screen.
Turn the Metis 266 barebones PC into a full fledged HTPC and use it with the Syntax Olivia 30" LCD TV monitor for viewing high definition video and working on the desktop.
This is a mod of all mods for the GameBoy Advance. Essentially converting it into a game console with an ability to attach a joystick, output video to a TV or an RGB monitor, and provide power management to get around wasting those batteries.
Some photos and description of a device which helps to connect the GBA to an unmodified PSOne LCD monitor.
A comparison of two Game Boy Advance video output devices and information on how to hack RGB video out of the GBA Transverter. This works in conjunction with the GWGBA to attach to the PSOne LCD screen.
A very simple Cel-Shading rendering tutorial for artists with a bit of math skills.